RUCKUS UNLEASHED WIFI for SMB - Fast Wi-Fi that Works for Small Business

Small businesses need fast, reliable and always-on Wi-Fi. However, small businesses often lack the budget, time and in-house resources to install and manage complex Wi-Fi deployments. 


Ruckus Unleashed™ solves this problem with access points (APs) that use Ruckus patented technologies to deliver industry-leading Wi-Fi performance in a package designed and priced for small and medium size businesses (SMBs).

Ruckus Unleashed APs come packed with enterprise-class features. You can manage your Unleashed networks from the Unleashed Mobile App or web browser. Your network only takes 5 minutes to get up and running—no complex configurations, and no expert installers required. And if your business grows, you can easily scale up with Unleashed Multi-Site manager and if you need to move to a controller or cloud-based infrastructure, you can easily migrate—no overhaul required. The same Unleased APs will still work if you move over to Ruckus SmartZone™ Controllers or Ruckus Cloud WiFi down the road.


Unleashed is ideal not just for single site deployments. Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager is an intuitive and easy-to-use software for managing Unleashed networks deployed across multiple locations. You can manage up to 1000 Unleashed networks or 10,000 APs. Unleashed Multi-Site Manager simplifies deployment, monitoring and management of geographically dispersed Unleashed networks.


Why Ruckus Unleashed?


Other key features and capabilities include:


High-Performance Features:

- BeamFlex+—Patented Adaptive Antenna Technology

- ChannelFly—Machine Learning Auto Channel Selection

- SmartMesh—Self-Forming, Self-Healing Mesh

- Zero Touch Mesh – Form mesh connections over the air


High-Value Benefits

- Simple Deployment

- Network Investment Protection

- Lower Capital and Operational Costs

- Application Visibility and Control

- Security - Remote Management



Event WiFi

Our affordable, efficient, TURNKEY process allows you to focus on your business while we fulfil your wireless network solution objectives.  

Customers choosing to use our turnkey process get a 100% coverage guarantee.  Our experience using this process provides us with the confidence to offer a very robust wireless network solution for your business.

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