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Do you need a new outdoor wireless network or to extend  your LAN to service outdoor areas of your facility?  Do you manage inventory on an outdoor yard, host outdoor events or manage an outdoor resort facility?  We can help you optimize operations and provide a great guest WiFi experience...


Event WiFi
Outdoor Living & Resorts

Outdoor WiFi is much more than simple putting access points "outside".  Managing bandwidth and understanding capacity requirements are key components we can assess for you based on your business needs...Key challenges that we'll work with you to overcome:


  • Requires an even greater technical skill set due to the unique volatile nature of the outdoor environment

  • Bridging to Internet gateways at facility

  • Managing bandwidth & traffic efficiently

  • Assessing and understanding electrical requirements to support your robust wireless network needs

  • Point to point extensions and mesh technologies to extend networks

  • Outdoor rated equipment and capabilities

  • How coverage is impeded by trees, boat hulls, and metal canopies

  • What to plan for in design in changing inventory yards 

Learn more about your potential business requirements now...

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