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Wi-Fi is no longer just another amenity at hotels. It has become a prerequisite for doing business - period.  A recent survey showed 67% of people rate Free Wi-Fi as one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel, it was more important than how they rated a good night's sleep.

Resort WiFi
Hospitality grade wifi
Outdoor Wifi
Bed and Breakfasts
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Benefits of providing Wi-Fi

  • Guests using Wi-Fi will share and promote your hotel on social media.

  • Offer promotions and updates through a guest portal.

  • Provide more efficient ways to interact with guests.

  • Better promotion decisions through collected analytics.

  • Wireless point of sale systems can allow staff to take orders for foods and other amenities at poolside and around the property

Ruckus Wireless for hospitality:

  • Benefits of Ruckus Wireless hardware

  • Stronger WiFi signals

  • Ubiquitous coverage

  • Better, more stable connections

  • Consistent performance


AirWorx Wireless works with the leading Wi-Fi guest solutions on the market, so if

you are simply looking to offer "free" internet access to your guests or would like

to gain free social advertising we can assist.

Ruckus Wireless-Our Choice for Turnkey Hospitality WiFi

Ruckus technologies offer benchmark simplicity, reliability, and optimal coverage at a more efficiently than alternatives, saving you time and money. Enterprise solutions use Industrial-strength Smart Wireless LAN products to reduce costs and project complexity, while delivering unprecedented performance and connectivity.


Hospitality WiFi Value Add:


  • Industrial-strength WiFi that provides longer-range signals that can be steered around obstacles and interference

  • More flexible deployment options with Smart Mesh Networking that eliminates the requirement to run Ethernet cable to connect wireless access points

  • Ubiquitous WiFi coverage with fewer wireless access points, for lower CAPEX

  • Indoor and outdoor Smart WiFi wireless access points that are managed as a unified system

  • Centralized control of ZoneFlex Smart WiFi wireless access points

  • Powerful, yet simple controlled guest networking capabilities

Customers choosing to use our turnkey process get a 100% coverage guarantee.  Our experience using this process provides us with the confidence to offer a very robust wireless network solution for your business.

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