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Point to Multi Point wireless networks, also used for outdoor hotspots, interconnect multiple locations to using line of sight and non line of sight principles. They can operate in both the unlicensed and licensed frequencies bands with speeds up to 1Gbps. A point to multi point wireless network can be a highly cost effective alternative to trenching fiber optic cabling.

Wireless Link Wireless Bridge

Licensed and Unlicensed up to Gigabit throughputs 

Wireless Link Wireless Bridge
Dense  Network Traffic Areas

What is best solution for your application?

Unlicensed and light licence wireless links are the most cost effective of all links and can be deployed very quickly.  Why consider unlicensed or light license links?

  • Low density areas not suffering from RF interference

  • Budget limitations

  • Non-critical data transmission


When are licensed links mostly used?

  • Organizations looking to create a LAN across multiple buildings on the same site

  • Organizations looking to reduce the cost of existing leased lines

  • In low density areas where RF interference is low or free


When to consider opting for a licenced over unlicensed?

  • High density areas suffering from RF interference

  • Mission-critical data transmission

Typical Point to Multi Point applications are:

  • Outdoor WiFi

  • Connecting multiple buildings

  • CCTV solutions

  • Lease line replacement

  • Fiber replacement

Wireless Mesh Networks

In mesh networks, individual access points connect with each other wirelessly. They provide a self-configuring, scalable, and self-adapting wireless network capable of multiple concurrent connections, eliminating the need for ethernet backbones.  These solutions provide self-forming, self-healing mesh networks at half the time and cost of traditional wireless deployments.

Typical Point to Point Mesh applications are:


  • Public WiFi

  • Campuses

  • Campsite WiFi

  • Locations with cabling restrictions

  • Marinas

  • Stadiums and conference centres

Point to Point/Multipoint
Point to Point/Multipoint Mesh Networks

Technologies we deploy with success...

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