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Affordable SMB WiFi providing simplicity and performance, at an outstanding price point!  Providing you options for speed and capacity...
We are WiFi network solution design and implementation experts.  We work the some of the best manufacturers to deliver a cost effective, site specific, high performance indoor and outdoor wireless network solution portfolio to service Retail, Food & Beverage, Shopping Malls, Public Venues, Hospitals, Clinics, Sports Venues, & Airports
Retail Stores
Need more speed and increased client capacity capability for your small to medium business?
Performance, Coverage, and Speed are on your network menu?   Ruckus is the answer!  Like us, they are "wireless-centric", resulting in producing the best Access Points available in the enterprise grade market.  Need more convincing why they are your best choice?  Testing evidence tells the story!
Wifi Video Test Results
CarNet Independent Access Point Test Results

Customers choosing to use our turnkey process get a 100% coverage guarantee.  Our experience using this process provides us with the confidence to offer a very robust wireless network solution for your business.

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