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Affordable, fast, scalable, and reliable enterprise grade wireless networks for indoor and outdoor WiFi applications. 

The design process is the foundation for your network.  If it's not completed properly, it can cause a host of future problems to overcome.  Our "Eight Step" process will enable you to have the assurance the network will meet or exceed your expectations.  


  1. Define coverage scope via square footage and floor/site plans

  2. Determine client usage plans for the network

  3. Assess potential bandwidth needs to manage traffic efficiently

  4. Review of floor/site plans for identifying unique site challenges

  5. Verify an customer specific needs or wants

  6. Confirm hardware preferences where applicable for wireless infrastructure

  7. Input floor/site plans, hardware and access point specifications, and attenuators into modelling design software for predictive coverage benchmarking

  8. Make any changes to access point quantities and locates to optimize potential coverage  and review coverage outputs like the ones below...

Predictive Coverae Modelling
Network Design
Determine your network design needs now...
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