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Many existing WiFi networks simply do not perform as intended. This may be the result of poor design or not using a proper tool to create a proper wireless network.  We use the most up to date industry standard tools, and methodology to map out wireless radio frequency coverage of areas in scope, and then provide our customers with detailed documentation of the survey. By completing the network survey process with these high standards, we provide our customers with a fully scalable and secure wireless network. 
In our site survey reports, we provide a complete bill of material for hardware required to achieve a successful wireless network. This enables businesses to create accurate budgets for planning of new wireless networks.   A key consideration for many potential new networks is what hardware to use.  Our wireless surveys can be completed using any wireless manufacturer's hardware should you have a preference.  Conducting a professional wireless site survey will save a business both time and money in the long term.
Coverage Mapping & Design Modelling

Our wireless surveys display and record information inclusive of the following key components of a wireless network
  1. Received signal strengths
  2. Access point locations
  3. RF interference
  4. Noise levels
All of the above information enables our ability to optimize access point channels & locations, choices of antenna's, AP transmit power levels, creating the most effective wireless network possible.
Spectrum Analysis & RF Interference
Our process includes a full spectrum analysis with detection, measurement and recording of any existing RF Interference that might degrade the performance of a wireless network.  This may include Bluetooth, microwaves, legacy wireless devices, or other factors that might significantly impact a wireless network.
  1. RF Interference
  2. Measurement of Signal to Noise Ration (SNR)
  3. RF power peaks
  4. WiFi Channel Overlap
  5. WiFi Channel interference
What we provide:
Our new wireless network survey is inclusive of detailed report generated using Air Magnet Pro.  It will include details as noted above where relevant in specific customer spaces in scope of your project requirements.  All bill of material items for hardware and network requirements will be detailed with expected coverage outputs to depict optimized performance.  

Surveys provide you insurance for your network investment...

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