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Key Applications for Outdoor WiFi

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The Internet of Things is increasing the desire for connectivity outdoors

As the use of various wireless devices to increase, the necessity to provide availability to provide adequate internet outdoors is becoming commonplace. Some of the applications that have typically been reserved as "indoor", are making their way to outdoor spaces due to the desire for public WiFi as well as technologies such as outdoor surveillance, and outdoor inventory management. These technologies require bandwidth that is typically been reserved for indoor only applications. Many business owners and hospitality venues are learning the benefits of extending their wireless networks to include outdoor premises. We will share the top three applications for Outdoor Wireless Networks in today's growing world of WiFi connectivity. Guest/Visitor & Public Wi-Fi

Outdoor Guest & Public Wi-Fi is the most desired outdoor application for a wireless network. If you have guests using your facilities where you have outdoor spaces, quality public WiFi can provide your visitors with an incentive to return regularly and increase your services offering. Many cities and municipalities have jumped on board the WiFi movement to support services such as their meter reading technology and video surveillance systems. Education providers use outdoor public WiFi for their students, especially where there are expansive outdoor campus environments. Outdoor Guest & Public Wi-Fi has infinite potential uses and applications.

Free WiFi is fast becoming a modern convenience and expectation, but can also become a security challenge and require key complimentary hardware such as a firewall appliance to manage your network usage. While there are some technical nuances to outdoor wireless mesh network issues to avoid, AirWorx Wireless can install a secure public & guest WiFi infrastructure that keeps any wired and wireless network secure, as well as providing a quality wireless experience for users.

Video Camera Surveillance Threats of theft and other unwanted attacks are commonplace in today's world for businesses. Depending on the nature of your business, it is imperative to protect the safety of your assets as well as your staff. Safety precautions are especially essential for businesses that see a large volumes of people on a daily basis. Outdoor security cameras are an essential tool to deter criminal activity at your business before any theft or damage is experienced.

Wireless outdoor cameras have become a preferred method of security as they don't require installation of cabling to implement. These cameras are easily installed and mounted and can be moved to preferred areas as required. They are very effective when used in very discreet applications that are undetected. Outdoor Inventory Management

Many facilities have a need to store inventory in outdoor spaces. The results in the need to expand wireless networks to these areas to support inventory control devices that require wireless connectivity to optimally function. These devices and a robust WiFi network can ensure accurate inventory management within the warehouse or at complementary outdoor locations to reduce delays, improve many facets of accurate inventory control management.

Embrace the movement of extending WiFi networks to include outdoor areas. It's a movement that is well underway and will experience continued growth, so why not be on the leading edge of optimizing your business processes on your network as well as potentially providing guests and visitors wireless connectivity if it's the hospitality space that you reside in. We can help!

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